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New R&D greenhouse facility for Syngenta, Enkhuizen

VB completed the structure of a new R&D greenhouse facility by order of Syngenta Seeds, Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. The new R&D so called back-cross factory will help to speed up the process of bringing new value-adding traits to the market, with a quicker and more reliable automated Trait Introgression process. This month, VB started with the building of several integrated climate and adaptive screen systems »

New construction VB

From 2019 VB will invest in a new sustainable office building with associated atrium and industrial building at the Galgeweg in Naaldwijk (Westland). The current building, at Jogchem van der Houtweg in De Lier, reaches the limits of its capacity and with a view to further growth it has been decided to move. »

VB completes 10ha. climate-controlled greenhouse in Siberia

21-09-2018 - This week, VB completed a greenhouse and climate control system in Siberia. From now on, this 10 hectare greenhouse nearby Tomsk, will provide Siberian with high quality vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and eggplants. “With this world-class greenhouse environment, we enhance the quality of our vegetables in our Siberian supermarkets big time. Because of our self-sufficiency, now we can shorten the period of transport with weeks, which improves the freshness,” according to VB’s client, a Siberian supplier. »

VB and other Dutch entrepeneurs join forces

With the launch of Dutch Greenhouse Delta on Thursday 6 September a powerful international platform to tackle the problems facing the world and its major cities is born. »

More than 360 kilometers of welding works for Hoogweg in Luttelgeest, The Netherlands

Hoogweg is one of the largest bell pepper growers in the Netherlands and has several locations in Holland f.e Marknesse, Luttelgeest and in Nootdorp. VB Climate, the heating division of VB Group, delivers a complete heating installation for their new greenhouse project. »

Last year Tomita Japan and VB realize 7 hectares total: Size of new Japanese greenhouse projects scaling up

Due to available subsidies, low interest rates and good market conditions with attractive prices for fresh produce, the acreage with high tech greenhouses in Japan is growing steadily. Over the last couple of years, VB Group has been involved in the realization of several high tech greenhouses and was responsible for the construction of several turnkey projects, as well as installing heating systems for greenhouse projects with our Japanese partner Tomita Technologies. »

VB Climate delivers heating installation for 18 hectares new construction for 4Evergreen

Three years ago the Grootscholte brothers toke over a tomato greenhouse in Smidsschorrepolder, situated on a parcel of 26 hectares. A year later they bought the last available 42 hectares in the same polder. With the new construction of 18 hectares the establishment grows to 28 hectares greenhouse, so this family business owns in total 80 hectares glass greenhouses, spread over 6 locations. The expansion does not only mean an enlargement of the area, but is also meant to realize renovation in the sector. »

VB Climate, part of Horticultural Connection, signs covenant with Mexico

On 30th of May seven Dutch supplying companies of the horticultural sector, among which VB Climate, officially have formed the public-private partnership Horticultural Connection. On that day the signing of a covenant between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherland Enterprise Agency and these seven companies took place. »

VB Group celebrates 50 years of progress

For VB Group, 2016 is literally a year with a golden tinge. The Westland company was established 50 years ago. For half a century, VB Group has been one of the most progressive companies in the Dutch and international horticultural sector in the field of greenhouse construction, climate control and energy solutions. Edward Verbakel, director of VB Group, describes the situation. ‘Since the 1960s this segment of the horticultural sector has changed beyond recognition. New technologies and growing globalization are now the major themes. In addition, we value highly the collaboration with our partners. VB Group has continuously changed course in time and is looking forward confidently to the next 50 years.’ »

Mighty Vine Tomatoes (Illinois, USA) celebrates First Harvest

Last Friday October 9 Mighty Vine Tomatoes celebrated their First Harvest with an event that took place in their brand new greenhouse in Rochelle, Illinois. »

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