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VB Climate, part of Horticultural Connection, signs covenant with Mexico

On 30th of May seven Dutch supplying companies of the horticultural sector, among which VB Climate, officially have formed the public-private partnership Horticultural Connection. On that day the signing of a covenant between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherland Enterprise Agency and these seven companies took place. »

VB Group celebrates 50 years of progress

For VB Group, 2016 is literally a year with a golden tinge. The Westland company was established 50 years ago. For half a century, VB Group has been one of the most progressive companies in the Dutch and international horticultural sector in the field of greenhouse construction, climate control and energy solutions. Edward Verbakel, director of VB Group, describes the situation. ‘Since the 1960s this segment of the horticultural sector has changed beyond recognition. New technologies and growing globalization are now the major themes. In addition, we value highly the collaboration with our partners. VB Group has continuously changed course in time and is looking forward confidently to the next 50 years.’ »

Mighty Vine Tomatoes (Illinois, USA) celebrates First Harvest

Last Friday October 9 Mighty Vine Tomatoes celebrated their First Harvest with an event that took place in their brand new greenhouse in Rochelle, Illinois. »

Update project conducted by VB Climate for HFT Seed Services in Guatemala

The work conducted to date for HFT Seed Services in Guatemala is successful as from the start in Early February and it is expected that the entire project can be delivered end of the summer, as scheduled. »

VB Greenhouses starts phase 1 for MightyVine Tomatoes in Rochelle IL

In Rochelle IL a state-of-the-art complete greenhouse is being built for MightyVine Tomatoes.
VB Greenhouses is responsible for the complete greenhouse design and general contract management. »

Again VB Climate delivers to HFT Seed Services in Guatemala

Early February VB Climate from De Lier, the Netherlands, started with the delivery of the materials for a complete heating and steam system for the greenhouse complex of HFT Seed Services in Potrero Carrillo (province Jalapa), Guatemala. VB Climate is part of VB Group and specializes in complete greenhouse heating and greenhouse cooling installations. »

VB Group starts construction of third phase for Hydroponic Green Valley, Mexico

Begin October VB Group started with the construction of the third phase of Hydroponic Green Valley in Mexico. The total surface of the project now covers 156.000m2. Phase 1 and 2 were also realized by VB Group.

VB Greenhouses and VB Climate, both part of the VB Group, deliver a total solution for the cultivation of tomatoes. The plastic greenhouse has been designed with a new innovative aluminum gutter with many improvements for the integration of harmonica insect netting, collection of condensation water and improved fasteners to reduce construction time. »

Unique project for Looije Tomaten, Burgerveen, The Netherlands

Looije Tomatoes, Venneperweg in Burgerveen, has realized a unique project for the production of honey tomatoes. VB Climate has implemented this project in close cooperation with Priva, Havecon and FormFlex. Thanks to this cooperation the practical experience of these companies has been combined and this resulted into a new innovative and technologically advanced system called 'ActivAir'. »

15 hectare climate installation for ‘Wittenberg Gemüse GmbH’, Germany

VB Climate has completed the heating installation for the new 15 ha. greenhouse of ‘Pieter van Gog Gemüse GmbH’ and ‘Wichard Schrieks Gemüse GmbH’ in Wittenberg (Germany). The cooperation between ´Van Gog´ and ´Schrieks´ is the start of the building of one of the largest greenhouse complexes in Germany, which will have a final surface of approximately 40 hectare. »

Westland Nurseries, Evesham, England

VB Climate installs a complete heating installation at Westland Nurseries in Evesham England. »

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