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The latest news on Geo Projects


VB is sponsor of the DAP symposium (12 March at TU Delft)

VB is sponsor of the DAP symposium, which will be held on the 12th of March in Delft. Now the ticketsale of the DAP symposium 2019 has started:
Urban Heating: Risks and Rewards. Integrating cities with geothermal energy. »

New construction VB

From 2019 VB will invest in a new sustainable office building with associated atrium and industrial building at the Galgeweg in Naaldwijk (Westland). The current building, at Jogchem van der Houtweg in De Lier, reaches the limits of its capacity and with a view to further growth it has been decided to move. »

Green light for large scale geothermal project

Trias Westland gets the go-ahead. 49 companies are jointly going to drill for geothermal heat at an impressive four kilometers of depth - a first in the Netherlands. »

More than 360 kilometers of welding works for Hoogweg in Luttelgeest, The Netherlands

Hoogweg is one of the largest bell pepper growers in the Netherlands and has several locations in Holland f.e Marknesse, Luttelgeest and in Nootdorp. VB Climate, the heating division of VB Group, delivers a complete heating installation for their new greenhouse project. »

VB Group celebrates 50 years of progress

For VB Group, 2016 is literally a year with a golden tinge. The Westland company was established 50 years ago. For half a century, VB Group has been one of the most progressive companies in the Dutch and international horticultural sector in the field of greenhouse construction, climate control and energy solutions. Edward Verbakel, director of VB Group, describes the situation. ‘Since the 1960s this segment of the horticultural sector has changed beyond recognition. New technologies and growing globalization are now the major themes. In addition, we value highly the collaboration with our partners. VB Group has continuously changed course in time and is looking forward confidently to the next 50 years.’ »

VB Projects to start second geothermal project in Westland NL

End of February preparations are made for a second geothermal project in Westland, Netherlands. Again VB Projects is responsible for all the installation works related to the connection of the geothermal source. VOF Geothermie De Lier, a combination of two large tomato growers with almost 50 hectares of greenhouses, awarded the contract to VB Projects to execute this project. Their ambition to use sustainable heat for their greenhouses is finally being realized. »

VB Projects realises geothermal heat connection and network for ECW in Wieringermeer (NL)

With a large number of recently completed geothermal projects, VB Projects has become a well-known name in the geothermal sector. With appealing projects during the last years VB Projects has proved to be a skilled professional specialist in the field of geothermal connections. »

Smart use of heat pumps makes geothermal heat cheaper

Geothermal energy for greenhouse applications gains a lot of interest in the Netherlands. This new concept which utilizes the heating source much better by means of heat pumps can increase the efficiency of this capital intensive energy source considerably. »

Geo-thermal Heating Projects

Verbakel-Bomkas is aware that the availability of fossile fuels is finite. The use of available natural resources contributes to the development of green businesses. Geo-thermal heat offers many possibilities for horticulture. »

Geo-thermal Heat Connection in Willcox, AZ, USA

For a 30.000 m2 tomato project Verbakel-Bomkas has designed a heating concept that functions on geo-thermal heat. »

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