VB specialises in the design, delivery and installation of climate installations and systems. If you have a proposal we have a solution; supported by almost fifty years of experience in heating and cooling technology. A greenhouse climate is determined by a multitude of factors. The greenhouse structure, the screen, heating, irrigation and cooling are all significant elements that influence a product's environment. When determining the heating capacity, we consider the circumstances and specific characteristics of the greenhouse as a whole. This will ensure ideal growing conditions, efficient energy management and minimum environmental loading. Naturally, we always utilise state-of-the-art technology to its very best advantage.

VB only employs fully trained and skilled technicians and our organisation is entirely committed to safety, health and the environment (SHE). Our company has been awarded various certificates including HortiQ, VCA** and the BRL-6001 quality mark. You can also rely on comprehensive instruction and guidance, with our dedicated service team available 24/7.

VB specialises in delivering and installing for example:

  • Greenhouse heating and cooling systems
  • Complete boiler installations
  • CO2 dosing units
  • Horizontal and vertical heat buffer systems
  • Combined heat and power systems and fermentation installations
  • Pitch heating (for more information: www.pitch-solutions.com)
  • Heat pump systems with aquifers
  • Closed and semi-closed greenhouse concepts
  • Energy clusters