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15 hectare climate installation for ‘Wittenberg Gemüse GmbH’, Germany

VB Climate has completed the heating installation for the new 15 ha. greenhouse of ‘Pieter van Gog Gemüse GmbH’ and ‘Wichard Schrieks Gemüse GmbH’ in Wittenberg (Germany). The cooperation between ´Van Gog´ and ´Schrieks´ is the start of the building of one of the largest greenhouse complexes in Germany, which will have a final surface of approximately 40 hectare. »

Westland Nurseries, Evesham, England

VB Climate installs a complete heating installation at Westland Nurseries in Evesham England. »

VB Group builds Westland Hockey Greenhouse

During the World Champions Cup Hockey 2014 in The Hague the Westland Hockey Greenhouse will draw international attention for more than two weeks. Several activities will be organized inside the greenhouse and the outside appearance will be shared with the rest of the whole world. »

New Greenhouse for VandeWetering Greenhouses in Jamesport NY, USA

In July VB Group started to replace part of the existing greenhouses and has built a modern and technologic advanced greenhouse complex for VandeWetering Greenhouses near New York. »

13 hectares state of the art greenhouse project by VB Group in Russia

VB Group is currently supplying the materials for a modern state of the art greenhouse complex for the production of tomatoes in the Volvograd region in Russia. »

Tomita Miho, Japan

In January 2013 VB Greenhouses started the construction of a modern 2 hectare glasshouse project in Tsuchiura Miho, Inashiki District, Ibaraki, Japan. »

12 hectares of GATES for Village Farms

One of the most technologically advanced controlled environment food production greenhouse complexes in the world is currently being built in Monahans, Texas. Earlier this year Village Farms and Verbakel-Bomkas reached an agreement to develop the GATES greenhouse project concept after several years of research and development. »

Foundation completed project Kurtz Farms USA

Verbakel-Bomkas started in week 36 the foundation of project Kurtz Farms, Cheshire USA. »

Turn-key Project for Garden & Koala, Adana, Turkey

Dutch turn-key greenhouse specialist Verbakel-Bomkas is building a state of the art turn-key greenhouse for Garden & Koala in Adana, Turkey. The project is designed to produce Orchids and Saint-Paulia. »

New Projects in Japan, Mexico and Guatemala

Verbakel-Bomkas is contributing to the international growth of high-tech horticultural greenhouse projects. In the past months several new projects have been designed and engineered for our export markets. »

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