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VB Group realizes complete 10 hectare greenhouse project for KDV in Siberia - Russia

Early June the greenhouse division of VB Group started the construction of a 10 hectare greenhouse project in Siberia, near the student city Tomsk in Russia.

The preparations and material deliveries for the greenhouse project are close to being completed and the Russian builders have started the construction works. The greenhouse must be completed before the raid of the winter, which starts early in Siberia. The first snow is expected in October, so it is a challenge to have the heating systems operational in time for the 10 hectare greenhouse. Last year the foundation has already been set, to ensure that no problems would arise because of frost in the soil, which with temperatures up to minus 40 degrees Celsius can go down to 2.5 meters deep.

All elements and parts of the greenhouse have been calculated based on the harsh weather conditions, where the heating and insulation have been given extra attention. Also the availability of sufficient irrigation water in the winter months has asked a solid preparation.

The planning is to plant the first 4 hectares by early December. KDV is convinced that in view of the good preparation and communication this will be a realistic goal.

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